The 5 Best Car Led Lights Interior: Installation Guide

Best Car Led Lights Interior

Guide to car led lights. Impress your friends and add some fun and excitement to your car by adding interior led lights.

Adding lead lights is a good way to make your car stand out from all the others.

In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to install led lights in your car.

Best Interior Car Led Lights

These best car led lights are the best to put inside your car. They are compact and easy to place anywhere that it is needed.

1. Govee Interior Car Lights strips

Govee Interior Car Lights, Car LED Strip Light Upgrade Two-Line Design Waterproof 4pcs 48 LED APP Controller Lighting Kits, Multi DIY Color Music Under Dash Car Lighting with Car Charger, DC 12V

By: Govee

2. LivTee 12V Car LED Light Interior Strip


LivTee 12V Car LED Strip Light, 4pcs 48 LED Multicolor Music Car Interior Lights Under Dash Lighting Waterproof Kit with Sound Active Function and Wireless Remote Control, Car Charger Included

By: LivTee

3. KORJO Car Underglow Lightsblank

KORJO Car Underglow Lights, 6 Pcs Bluetooth Led Strip Lights with Dream Color Chasing, APP Control 12V 300 LEDs Underbody Lights, Waterproof Underglow Led Light Kit for Cars, Trucks, Boats


4. CHUSSTANG Interior Car LED Strip Lights


CHUSSTANG Interior Car Lights, 48 LEDs 4pcs Car LED Strip Lights Bluetooth App Control Lighting Kits and Control Box Music with Car Charger Waterproof Sound Active Function for SmartPhone

By: Chusstang

5. CT CAPETRONIX Interior Car Lights, Car led strip lights interior


CT CAPETRONIX Interior Car Lights, Car led strip lights interior with APP and IR Remote, Upgrade 2-in-1 4pcs Waterproof RGB 48 LEDs Music Car LED Lights Under Dash Lighting Kit with Car Charger DC 12V

By: Ct Capetronix

Car Led Lights Installation Guide

You can hack the led lights above by splicing the wires and connecting multiple led lights in parallel and then mounting them in your car where they are needed.

You are going to have to be creative when figuring out how to mount them, but once you do the inside of your car will look amazing!

NOTE: Disconnect battery

Be sure to disconnect the battery when doing any electrical work. This will save you from burning out any fuses or other important electrical components.

Here is a step by step guide to installing your led lights using the type listed above.

You are going to need 4 to 6 of these led lights to get good coverage of the whole interior.

Minimum Supplies

These are the things that you will absolutely need to complete this project.

1. led lights
3. Extra electrical wiring
4. Wire cutters/Splicers
5. Sandpaper

And other supplies needed based on how you decide to mount your led lights.

Step 1: Mounting Your led lights


It’s best to first figure out where you will put your led lights. I found that putting them on the edge of the roof is the best and easiest way to go.

You can hold them in place with a small metal plate or some other way that looks cleaner. Four of them mounted overhead above each door/seat will give you good coverage.

The picture on the right shows how I did it. You should figure out where to mount the led lights before you do any wiring so that you can plan exactly where the wires will go and how long they would have to be.


You can also mount your led lights under the dash, one on each passenger and driver side so that they will illuminate your legs.

Again you will have to be creative and figure out how to best mount them according to your vehicle. I used duct tape here to secure the led light with metal support behind the glovebox.

Switch placement:

Place your switch somewhere convenient where you can reach it while driving.

Avoid drilling too many holes in your dash panels.

I drilled a hole in the panel under the dash so that I could reach it yet it’s still out of the way.

Step 2. Wiring

Once you have mounted all of your led lights, its time to install all the wiring.

The lights should be connected according to the wiring diagram to the right.

NOTE: Sand Contacts

When splicing the wires, make sure to sand the copper a bit with sandpaper to ensure good electrical contact.

NOTE: Check Polarity

The neon lights must be wired in a specific direction (there is a positive and negative wire).

If you get the polarity wrong then the lights won’t turn on. On the right, you can see that each wire is marked according to its polarity.

The negative wire has long gray boxes on it and should be connected to the ground.

The positive wire has little writing on it and should be connected to the positive. Be sure to test which one is which just to make sure.

Battery Connection:

Connect a wire to the positive battery terminal clip. Find a hole in the firewall that leads to the inside of your vehicle.

You can run the wire through the firewall so that it comes out under the dash.

Hiding the wires:

Try to run the wires from the led lights under the plastic paneling and under the dash or under the carpet to where your switch is.

Connecting to Ground:

Find a screw or a bolt under the dash that screws into the frame of the car. This will be your Ground. You can connect all of your negative wires to it.

Step 3. Flip on your led lights!

Clean everything up and you are ready to go! The led lights will look amazing at night while you are cruising around.

Any white or neon colors will light up brightly. Keep in mind that people will probably be able to see inside your car so if you don’t want anyone to see what you are doing then be sure to switch them off.


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