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10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners Of 2020

There are many benefits to keeping your vehicle’s interior as clean as possible. For example, it helps to protect the value of your car. Buying the best car vacuum cleaner can help make the task a lot easier. It also ensures you are getting the most value for your money.

Having a Best Car Vac for your car can be highly motivating. It can make you want to take the steps necessary to keep the car clean. On the other hand, making a bad pick can cause you to avoid vacuuming, leaving the crumbs and dirt to ruin your vehicle’s carpeting and upholstery. At worse, choosing the wrong vacuum will prove to be a waste of your time and money – sending you either back to shopping, or to the local car wash.

Choosing the right car vacuum is a matter of knowledge and effort. Know what qualifies a particular model as being the best and use the shopping strategies necessary for you to make a smart buying decision. Take the time to compare your options, carefully weighing the pros and cons of each Consider the following when trying to find your next car vacuum:

What Makes Any Brand or Model the Best Car Vacuum for You?

Many car vacuum reviews recommend one particular vacuum over all the others. In reality, the best is the one that most closely satisfies your requirements. Not everyone needs the same features and pricing.

Your level of satisfaction with the purchase will be influenced by how well you identify your needs. Make a list of your requirements and then match them to the one car vac that best meets them. Still, it might be difficult for you to know what you should expect from the device. A bit of brainstorming can assist you in discovering the features you need. Here are some guiding questions to help you get started:

What type of region do you live in?

The place you live can have a big impact on the type of car vac you should buy. For example, those who live near a beach are prone to getting lots of sand in their cars. They would need a vacuum that has the power to get up the grit. If you live in an area that is often muddy, you might want something that has superior scrubbing capabilities.

Does your pet ride in your car?

Dog or cat hair is especially challenging to get out of vehicle carpeting and upholstery. If your furry pet ever rides with you, then you want to choose the best car vacuum that can pick up all the shed hairs. Not every model is capable of handling such a job. You might want to look for those that are specifically made for dealing with this type of cleanup.

Do you plan on using the vacuum while traveling?

Your usage habits will dictate whether a cordless or corded model is the best car vac cleaner for you Some people don’t see the point in having a corded cleaner, but this kind tends to have more power. Cordless models are the best option for vacuuming on the go, snowing you to keep your vehicle clean while on the road.

Do you have kids who ride and eat in the car?

Children are prone to mess-making. Smooshed-in cookie and cracker crumbs can wreak havoc on carpeting and upholstery — and prove too much for some car vacuum cleaners to handle. Even the heightened amount of dirt on car mats that result from kids not wiping their feet can be difficult to manage. If you plan on driving children in your vehicle, then be sure to look for the model of the car vacuum that has the most power.

What size is your vehicle?

No matter how clean you tend to keep your car, it holds true that the bigger the vehicle the more dust the vacuum cleaner has to pick up and hold. You might be able to get away with having a smaller vacuum if you drive a smaller automobile. If you drive something larger, like a van or SUS, then you’ll want a vacuum with a longer charge time and a bigger tank.

What other gadgets do you use in your car?

It has become common for people to have several devices in their car. Many of the gadgets are designed to work by being plugged into a cigarette lighter. The more tech you need to keep charged, the more important battery charge time becomes. If you have a lot of gadgets, then you may want a car vacuum that does not need to be plugged into work or charged often.

Do you or your family members have allergies?

People with allergies have special needs when it comes to choosing a vacuum cleaner. They need one that comes with a powerful filter capable of keeping allergens under control. Even the way the tank must be emptied is something to consider. You’ll want the best car vacuum you can empty without getting the dust-up your nose

Understanding how and where the vacuum will be used goes a long way in helping you to identify which one is best. Although these questions cover many of the considerations you may need to make, you might have even met the requirements. Take some time to think about the features you really need — this can assist you in or making a better purchasing decision.

Features You Should Expect from the Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

In addition to the features of your unique requirements demand, there are some expectations you should have of the best car vac. These are things that any brand or model needs in order to qualify as being a top pick. It wouldn’t, for example, make sense for any vacuum to be called the best if it leaves crumbs on your carpet.

Easy to handle

Great power should not come at the sacrifice of ease of use Many people won’t even use a car vacuum that’s too difficult to handle. You don’t want anything to stop you from keeping your car as clean as possible, so expect the vacuum to be light-weight and a pleasure to operate.

Gets in the crevices

There are often far more hard-to-reach areas in vehicles than in homes. The number of tight nooks and crannies where crumbs and dust can hide in your car might seem unlimited. Car vacuum has to be one that is specifically designed to reach deep within even the thinnest angles, giving you a deeper clean.

Superior suction

The motor and overall design of all vacuums serve to dictate maximum suction power levels. You want a car vacuum cleaner that has enough suction to pick up even the finest dirt, but not so strong that it’s hard to glide across the surface being cleaned — the best are the ones that strike that perfect balance. With owning your own vac for your car, you shouldn’t be left feeling like you need to head to the closest car wash just to thoroughly clean your carpet.


Most vehicles require a lot of maintenance beyond just caring for the engine. Many of the top car vacuum cleaners make it easy for you to take excellent care of your car by serving as a variety of tools. One of the most important benefits of multi-tools is that they help you save on space. If a vacuum cleaner can replace 3 or 4 of the tools you keep in your trunk, it should be preferred. For example, some models can not only be used for vacuuming carpet and upholstery but also to inflate tires, perform detailing, and even dry off the car.

Charges fast and stays charged long

Your car vac should always be ready to use You never know when a spill will occur that requires immediate attention. Most cordless vacuums run on batteries. The best ones don’t have to be plugged up long to become fully charged but can go a long time without being charged at all.

Built to Last

Consider this purchase an investment into the life of your vehicle’s interior. The best vacuum will stay in prime condition for many years without needing to be replaced. Poorly built devices tend to break sooner after purchase causing users to spend more money in the long run — such could hardly be considered a top pick!

Shopping Tips to Help You Get the Car Vacuum You Really Want

Once you know the features to look for, then you can consider the budget. Comparative shopping tactics are the smartest way to ensure you get the best outcome from your purchase. Narrow down your list of hopefuls by first choosing the ones that satisfy your list of requirements. Then you can confidently make a price-based decision.

A systematic approach is necessary to ensure your long-lasting complete satisfaction. Determining which one is the best car vacuum cleaner might take a bit of effort, but it will pay off in the form of a cleaner car and more convenience. Just as when making any investment decision, you want to choose carefully. Not all the ones claimed to be the bast will prove best for you — don’t just go with the most popular option.

Editors Choice: Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are part of the important home improvement tools that we cannot fail to have Compromising on your home cleanness is, therefore, should not be an option. It is not enough to have just the home clean, but other households used on a daily basis is important as well. With that said it is therefore crucial having the right appliances for the right job. When choosing from the many available vacuum cleaners, we may get confused. This happens to everyone, especially when we are not sure what features we are looking for Other factors to consider when shopping for the best car vacuum cleaner are the durability, performance, quality, ease of use and maintenance. To give a guideline of what to consider when choosing the best car vacuum cleaner, here is an overview of some of the common best car vac cleaners. It is through a comprehensive understanding of features and benefits that you will make an informed decision and get the best car vac product.

Metro Vacuum VM6BS500, Professional Handheld Vacuum

It is normal that hand-held vacuum cleaners are the most suitable for less effort cleaning activities. But not all give optimum performance, even for smaller job routines. Metro Vacuum VM6BS500 Professional Hand-Vacuum is not just another vac cleaner, but it has a high-performance record that makes the cleaning process easy and light. This stainless unit is short corded and runs on low power input of 120V at 500 watts. It has a quality rechargeable battery that backups its high performance, without running low on power during the cleaning process. In case you are looking forward to having a home improvement tool that will never delay or fail when needed, then vac cleaner VM6BS500 is the best option. Using this vac cleaner gets even better when handling a variety of tidying jobs – picking up small objects to dusting unreachable areas, simply plug and use it on the go.

Features and benefits

The entire tool body is made of stainless steel, assuring it’s quality and durability High output performance that overshadows similar products under its category. Comparing the input and the output, it is power economical, resulting to cost efficiency It has less weight, Z7 lbs, rendering its portability nature. VM6BS500 vac is an all-round cleaner that does not limit the distance or space for cleaning Strong and powerful suction power, equivalent to 60″ water pressure lift A new set of this vac cleaner comes with all the necessary accessories – power unit, crevice tool, upholstery nozzle, upholstery tool, dust brush, shoulder strap, and flexible hose Has a five-year warranty on the motor For quality and genuine product that meets international consumer safety for products, it is made in the USA


* Portable, sizable size for strong suction

* Low weight – Easily stored

* Simple to operate

* Packed with a shoulder strap

* Very durable

* made of stainless steel


* Prolonged use causes the metal casing to get hot

* It makes the sound during use

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Vapamore MR-50 Wet-Dry Steam Cleaner Combo

This vac and steam cleaner is made to deal with wet surfaces. Using it for pet odors and stains, it will work great. Any time it clean spills, it gives instant dry clean results. For carpets and upholstery, use it to eradicate set in spots and stains. The unique steaming system functions to provide two operational modes, high temperature with dry stem for normal general cleaning, and wet steam mode for dealing with spills and stains. For this reason, MR-50 vac 8 steam cleaner combo ideal where convectional wet/dry vacuum is required, yet portable and does not occupy much space. Generally, it has multiple uses and convenient for its weight.

The Vapamore designers made this hybrid-powered steam cleaning vacuum ability to perform all its functions in a one-hand operation. Specifically, it is meant for stains, spills, stains, and odors from furniture, upholstery, and carpets. Two modes, all in-built in this light, portable appliance. Try it and protect yourself or, and family members against allergies, bacteria, and harmful components found in old spills under wet, dump conditions.

The manufacturer assures the product’s lifetime durability through superior customer service. Additionally, this is backed by a Vapamore Lifetime Warranty.

Features and benefits

The in-built water-holding tank has enough storage, 300mm, for a continuous supply of steam Features a selector switch; dry steam for normal cleaning, wet steam for deep stain removal, and vacuum for powerful dry or wet vacuum process The bottom section features easy-glide wheels which help to position the machine over the target cleaning surface. This gives optimal performance and results. Because of this feature, it can also be categorized among the best car vacuum cleaner.


* Has a smooth surface squeegee

* Comes with a dust filling cup

* Has a dust collection reservoir

* Steam cleaning outlet tool

* Dust collection filter

* 2 separate brushes

* upholstery and nylon


* Requires regular empty of the dust cup

* Produce sound

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Black and Decker BDH2000PL Pivot Vacuum, Max Lithium

Black Decker has not been in the market for long. It has maintained as one of the best due to enhanced characteristics and benefits. It is liked for useful functioning in different environments, either office, household, or any other place. Although people prefer the upright vacuum over this one, it is mainly attributed to the fact that the upright vac cleaner has been around for a while, compared to this type. This portable tool has several advantages over the upright vac cleaner. Comparing the two will give the handheld vac cleaner a win.

Features and benefits that make it a useful tool include

Manufactured using the latest Lithium Technology, allowing it to give extreme suction, and use less power at the same time Presence of 3 -stage filtration process to protect the internal mechanism against blockage and break-down by dust particles. An installed powerful motor enhances the suction ability of this vacuum cleaner Boasts of the narrow nozzle, that facilitates easier cleaning of the vac cleaner Features a battery power indicator that informs on battery status, including the amount of charge available


* Easy battery replacement

* Easy to empty the dust cap

* Has minimal footprint, thus occupying less storage space

* Has high suction of 35 air watts on normal mode

* The battery doesn’t discharge when not in use

* The charge cycle has minimal power fade

* Has 2 years of warranty

* The body does not have attachable parts that might get misplaced


* Not suitable for cleaning pet hair as it lacks the specific tool

* It requires a stick vacuum as a compliment for cleaning the floor

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Bagless – Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa Hand Held

When choosing an ideal handheld best car vacuum cleaner, most people concentrate on size and weight. They overlook other factors and machine features such as performance and maintenance. Bagless Carrand 94005AS Vacuum Cleaner is one of those compact machines that out-performs other vacuum cleaners under the same category. Before making any prior judgment, let’s look at what this vac cleaner can offer.

The Bagless Carrand AutoSpa looks simple, light, and attractive to anyone. The best thing about it is that it reflects its physical appearance when it comes to cleaning performance.

It has a handle at the top for easier movement to and from the car. This assists further with the onboard storage. The machines have a relatively medium weight due to its powerful motor, which provides 550 watts of cleaning energy. There is no doubt about its suction as it does an amazing job when car cleaning. Apart from the intuitive design and appearance, Carrand has a great storage facility for effective functioning. It has been equipped with three vacuum tops to incorporate great versatility. Similar to other hand-held best car vacuum cleaners, it has a crevice tool to reach out to hidden car ends, upholstery tool for the seat, and carpet cleaning too. Each of these parts can be attached to the flexible hose, measuring 40 inches. The hose has an advantage that it can be pivoted up to 360 degrees, giving even better access to less-spaced regions in the car-

Features and benefits

It offers a consistent suction power of 550 watts via a corded cable Features an extremely useful blowing ability, that eliminates debris and liquid from unreachable locations The 40-inch hose is flexible enough and rotates 360 degrees at the elbow, to offer maximum flexibility for proper cleaning of the car The detachable parts such as squeegee and hose crevice have rubber endings to prevent accidental scratching of the car surface The vac cleaner is a complete unite that includes back storage space for the detachable parts. This minimizes misplacement risks.


* Lengthy power cord, measuring 12 foot

* 40-inch flexible vacuum hose extension

* Onboard storage space

* Comes with all the necessary tools including a crevice tool, console brush, and upholstery tool

* Has a reusable basket for debris collection

* Ease of use


* Relatively heavy

* Has a cheap feel

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Black and Decker CHV1510 Dust buster Cordless Cyclonic, Hand-Held

This Black 8 Decker cordless vacuum cleaner features a unique slim, rotating nozzle that targets dirt in close spaces. This version is designed to bend less and has better accessibility. It also has on-board storage space for crevice tool, brush, and accessories so that they are not misplaced. The entrance or mouth is wide enough to enable the vacuum to scoop large debris in spins and move it away from the filter. This maintains constant suction power high.

Features and benefits

It features a 3 stage filtration process, meaning there are low clogging chances for better air exhaust Has 3 major ways to store; vertically, horizontally, or through wall mounting Charging light indicator informs the user of good connection The dirt bowl and filters are movable to allow for thorough safe cleaning Cyclonic suction spins to scoop large debris Suction power is further enhanced by the presence of a wide mouth Reduce chances to lose crevice and brush tools due to onboard accessories storage It is light for easy portability and quick cleaning


* Has a decent run time of 45 minutes

* Strong suction

* Built-in brush and crevice does not require separate storage

* Low weight

* Ability to pick up large debris through the largemouth


* Takes long when charging

* Does not have a pet hair tool

* The batter is Nickel-cadmium which can be prone to fading

* The crevice has a poor locking mechanism

* It is noisy

* The dirt bin has less space

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Dyson V6 Trigger

Dyson V6 is impressive from the first sight, with a modern touch of visibility. It is also full of design tweaks that show the company’s appreciation of the vacuum cleaner as part of a home improvement appliance rather than just a normal cleaning tool.

The vac cleaner has one large part, the power button, instead of an on/off function button. The V6 has a power-triggering feature where the user has to hold down to operate. This assists to extend the battery functionality and life. It ensures that you will never leave it running unnecessarily. This improves the performance which is battery powered.

Dyson V6 is a vac cleaner meant for small spaced households. or serve a secondary purpose. Its nimble decisions ideal for flats and other smaller houses. Although, its performance can clean a large house in 20 minutes.

Despite the compact nature of Dyson V6, it is a strong performance. It is an outstanding example of a cordless vacuum cleaner. The cleaning ability nearly matches that of large vac cleaners. It only dregs behind when it working on deep surfaces or rugged areas.

It features a boost mode, that drains the battery from 20 to 6 minutes. However, under this model, it sucks debris at perfect rates. It was not a chore vac to move around the house, therefore it can comfortably suction the floor surface without overpowering.


* Portable due to low weight and size

* Battery-powered and no risks involved with power cable

* It has more power, three times more than any ordinary cleaner

* Effective as it uses cyclones to create a vacuum effect that sucks in debris

* Power saving as it has a trigger mechanism to save battery energy

* It operates on a Nickel Manganese cobalt rechargeable battery, powerful that its predecessors

* It has a boost mode to surge power, mainly for the difficult cleaning task


* Small in size, and therefore not suitable for heavy-duty

* It cannot be used and charge at the same time


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Black 8, Decker CHV1410L

This handy handheld vacuum cleaner is widely recognized. It costs less and gives good results in cleaning. The PAD1200 12V AutoRand Vac features high performance to give enough suction power for the task. It has a side door for direct debris empty into the bin.

Features and benefits

It has a large container for debris and dirt holding. Additionally, it is clear and you can see it fill up, and get to know when to empty it.

It features additional tools such as crevice 8, mouth tools, hose adapter, and hose.

It is light in light, for hand-holding during use But has a powerful motor.

It has a strong suction power plus fade-free energy.

It is easily cleaned up after use, making it convenient and versatile the best car vacuum cleaner.

Any purchase is warranted 2 years from the date of purchase, this assures the durability that the product is genuine


* Quick pick up

* makes use of smart charge technology

* Has a 16V Max Lithium-Ion Dustbuster

* Maintains strong suction through cyclonic action

* Multi-surface cleaning

* Has less bending action with on

* boarding extension


* The size limits it cleaning activity

* It is noisy

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5-Gallon 4.5 Peak HP Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Vac – 5986000 by Shop-Vac

This Shop-Vac wet-dry vac is heavy duty that features powerful 4.5 peak HP motor to handle about any cleanup activity. It has a stainless steel tank and the vac has the ability to clean wet or dry surfaces. The rear blower port is made to allow effective blowing off dusty surfaces. The entire vacuum cleaner is made in the USA, where their support center is also found.

Features and benefits

It holds a powerful streamlined molded motor, that provides quite a performance The base is equipped with stable and easy to roll 4-wheel dolly system. That offers full stability while vacuuming Features one-piece wheel system that provides easy installation and durability Has a convenient spacious top and side transportation handles for easy mobility On-board cord wrap and edged-tank gives it structural integrity


* High air Watts, 320 W

* Baggedduct collection

* Large dust capacity, 5 gal

* Multi-purpose use, for automotive, home or office

* Suitable for dry and wet surfaces

* Comes with a 3-year warranty for consumers or 90 days for commercial purposes

* Low wight. 16 lb

* Durable Stainless Steel tank

* Comes with different color options

* Onboard cord and tool storage

* Rear blower port


* 6-feet electric plugin cord limits the surface area covered in cleaning

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Black 8, Decker PAD1200 Flex Auto Vacuum

PAD1200 handheld vacuum is a good example of a bagless cleaner lt that has a dust capacity of 0.1 gals and uses dry air to suction dust. While using this vac cleaner, you do not have to worry about debris filling up without your notice. It is colorless and has a rewind cord. The manufacturer offers 2 years warranty from the purchased date.

Features and benefits

It has a unique integrated hose which allows easy reach of all car areas where only few handheld vacs cannot An in-built Patent Motor In The Filter – Technology, that allows this vac to maintain its ultra-compact property Has a long crevice tool for easy access to tight areas underneath and between car seats For ease of use, it has combined crevice and brush tools into one It features dual functionality, where it can be used as a normal hand vac or remove the handle for inaccessible areas-


* Perfect tool for car detailing

* Convenient due to compact nature as it uses long power cable to reach the car

* Comes with a crevice tool, flip nozzle, and brush

* Has auto-hi performance through cyclonic action

* 4-inch hose for flexibility 8, to reach high and tight surfaces


* Does not work in silence mode

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20V Max Lithium Flex Vac with Floor Head clue Hair Brush

This vac cleaner has strong suction and gives consistent power performance. Although it is a handheld vacuum, it comes with a pet hair brush for use alongside the vacuum. It has the advantage of combining the 4-foot hose to reach the dirtiest regions. Other qualities are portable, cordless and it is ultra-compact.

Features and benefits

Uses Lithium Technology for extra-strong suction and consistent power

Long 4-foot hose assists in reaching dust in far positions

Comes with a pet hair brush to deal with stubborn pet hair

It is portable and cordless so you can make use of vacuum effectively

Ability to charging faster keeps it organized

Filter and debris bowl are emptied thorough cleaning

Automatic cyclonic action to guard the filter against dirt, and maintain performance

Filtration process passes through 3 stages, to prevent trapped debris and dust from escaping


* Uses the Lithium Technology for extra-strong suction and consistent power

* Long 4-foot hose assists in reaching dust in far positions

* Comes with a pet hair brush to deal with stubborn pet hair

* It is portable and cordless so you can make use of vacuum effectively

* Ability to charging faster keeps it organized

* Filter and debris bowl are emptied thorough cleaning

* Automatic cyclonic action to guard the filter against dirt, and maintain performance

* Filtration process passes through 3 stages, to prevent trapped debris and dust from escaping


* It is noisy

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Final verdict

Going through the various handheld best vacuum cleaners, it is quite clear that most of them share a lot in features. Factors that differ slightly, yet important are the suction power, portability, multi-purpose, and availability of accessories once it wears out Although the price is not a great factor to influence price much, it is worth noting that some low priced vacuum cleaners out-perform high priced vac cleaners. User experience also maters and most people will favor a vacuum that they have used before in relation to what they have never tested.

Through comparison and analysis, you will find that each has its own advantages and demerits. For Metro Vacuum VM6BS500, it is durable, simple to use, and easy to carry along, but you will not risk burning yourself after the metallic casing becomes hot after prolonged use of Vapamore MR-50 Wet-Dry Steam Cleaner Combo is all good, especially for wet surfaces. The only major drawback with MR-50 is that it will require additional expenses when purchasing an extra dust storage bag.

When it comes to Black and Decker BDH2000PL Pivot Vacuum, Max Lithium, you get all the advantages similar to those others except that it lacks a pet-hair cleaning tool and is not suitable for floor cleaning. The Bagless – Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa Hand Held has not many user complaints, although most people think that it feels low quality compared to the price. For, Black and Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster Cordless Cyclonic, Hand-Held, its similar case with Black and Decker BDH2000PL Pivot Vacuum. The two lack the pet-hair cleaning tool, otherwise, the BDH2000PL is liked for its flexible pivot handle.

If you are thinking about using the all-powerful Dyson V6 Trigger, then remember that it will not charge while you use at the same time, but it keeps a charge for about 20 minutes. Again, the Dyson V6 is meant for small cleaning tasks and it may not clean your entire car before it limits you. When it comes to noise then get advised that you will not like Black 8, Decker CHV1410L. The Black 8, Decker PAD1200 Flex Auto Vacuum doesn’t get any better either. Therefore the two would not be on your list.

Looking at two close competitors like 5-Gallon 4.5 Peak HP Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Vac – 5986000 by Shop-Vac and Vapamore MR-50 Wet-Dry Steam Cleaner Combo, you will realize that the two companies are in good competition. This makes them have the two brands stand out in the reviews. It would be almost difficult to make a decision between the two but MR-50 Wet-Dry Steam Cleaner Combo is on the lead among all the other handheld vacuum cleaners. It has superior design, the ability to clean in both dry and wet conditions plus other unique features that make it an outstanding product worth the investment. The MR-50 Vapamore Combo is also a perfect recommendation as the best car vacuum cleaner.

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