How to Find a Good Mountain Bike for Beginners

good mountain bike for beginners
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If you are fresh to mountain cycling, having a good beginner mountain bikes is your first step.

However, you might be confused about what a mountain bike could be good for your style at the first glance.

There are so many bike brands and types listed on the market. If you are going to begin your cycling on the mountain or any unpaved road, this guide will provide the right tips to help you get a good mountain bike.

There are three types of mountain bikes available in the market, hardtail, full-suspension, and rigid. The hardtail comes with a suspension fork, full-suspension comes with front and rear shock absorbers, rigid available with no suspension. Pick any one of three bikes based on the terrain.

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How much should you spend on your first mountain bike?

When it comes to selecting the right mountain bike beginner, the price tag is the main point. There is no limit on the prices to look for a good mountain bike.

This article will put you on the right track on getting a new bike and within your budget. If you are short of money, some online bikes stores display great sales off, but still do not dismiss any cycling experience.

It is much less of operation cost for online stores than those high street ones. One more thing you should notice is its after-sales support and customer service, as that might be a key point for most buyers shopping online.

However, reading previous customer reviews and contacting online sellers can still aid you to find some great online stores with excellent support services.

Select your style to match your cycling

After deciding on the budget, then choose the style to enjoy weekends or likes to take part in bike racing, all-mountain cruising with a team.

Mountain bikes offer several riding styles and terrain. Ensure that the bikes you are looking to meet your riding style, not from the salesman point of view.

There are two variants in the mountain bike. One is full suspension or Hardtail. Both offer efficiency and comfort to ride. For those beginners, the best mountain bike is a full-suspension mountain bike to meets your expectation for obvious reasons.

On the other hand, Hardtail bikes are light in weight, without rear suspension with an effective pedaling facility.

More important, hardtail mountain bikes cost you much less money than those full suspension ones. If you are either short of spending or not sure your determination on this mountain cycling sport at the beginning, hardtail style is definitely your choice, although the most comfortable one for the beginners is the full-suspension bike as it provides superior control and additional comfort.

Now, you have the option of getting a bike on your budget, riding style, and landscape.

About getting your favorites from the component

It is not easy to come to a conclusion about mountain bikes based on the gears. This is mainly due to the combinations of the bike.

We suggest you look for a few parts that are important for you to compare. Our suggestion is this look for fork, wheels, and finally the rear gear changer.

Equally important is the braking system in the bike, whether it is disc brakes or rim brakes, and about rims such as standard and tubeless rims.

Buy your Entry Level Mountain bike on season time

The prices of mountain bikes can rise and fall during the year by a considerable amount. The best time to buy a bike is from spring until the onset of summer. You will be lucky to save a few hundred dollars when you buy the bike during the festival season or in winter.

During the festival seasons, the bike shop offers the best deals and discounts on bike accessories, good backup service. If you buy a previous year bike in your budget that meets your requirements.

Look for a good Mountain bikes dealer

After the price tag, the next step is to find a good dealer and has a good repair shop backed by efficient technicians.

Test rides

Before buying a bike, test ride some of the bikes and as it fully meets your needs.

Read reviews

Go online and spend time reviewing the bikes and their performance and worthiness.

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