How to Select the Proper Hybrid Bike Size Chart

Hybrid Bike Sizing
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In the previous posts, we gave you an overview of a hybrid bike’s geometry, its composition, description of the technology and the materials used, and then the sizes to choose from. However, the question remains on how to get the right size that would ideally ensure comfort, convenience, safety, and speed.

Hybrid Geometry

Your hybrid bike is a complete system from the frame geometry to the gearing, up to the many touchpoints that determine the fit, the feel, and the style of your ride.

But no matter how fast, how high-tech, or how solid your hybrid bicycle maybe, if it isn’t the right size for you, the ride wouldn’t be as much fun.

So to ensure the full potential of your bike experience, here are simple guidelines to follow when choosing the right hybrid bicycle size.

Hybrid Bike Measurement

Understanding how hybrid bikes are measured is very essential in getting the right fit for you.

Hybrid bikes are measured in inches by the distance between the top of the seat tube to the center of the bottom bracket. In adult sizes, it would usually range from 14”-24”. The top tube’s length should complement the rider’s height and it gets bigger to fit a taller rider. The seat tube length determines the length of the top tube. Other lengths and angles are normally the same in any hybrid bike. There are only three things to set your focus on Frame size or seat tube length, top tube length, and standover height.

So, let’s get to work with your hybrid bike size.

Step By Step Hybrid Bike Sizing:

  1. Find your height: Manufacturers always recommend getting a bike size according to your height. So if you are around 5”8 or an inch taller with an inside leg of within 30-32”, the right size for you would be 18”. In finding your height accurately, simply stand on your feet without shoes, place a book atop of your head and draw a line from the bottom of the book down to the floor then measure.
  2. Get your inside length measurement: In getting you in leg measurement, stand with your back and your heels against a wall (without your shoes), place a book inside your legs in the pubic bone right under your crotch, and then measure from the floor to the top edge of the bookmaking sure that the other edge is flat against the wall. Take note that your inner leg length is not similar to your pants’ inseam length.
  3. Adequate standover clearance is an important part of a hybrid bike fit: STANDOVER is the length between you and the top tube of the bike. There should be at least 1” clearance as you stand flat-footed over the bike. This would mean the rider’s leg length is at least an inch greater than the standover height. 1” is for the regular riders. For more aggressive mountain bike riders, they would normally prefer a 4-5” standover clearance. Meaning, the bike size would be smaller than the normal recommended length and height measurement. The standover measurement of a bike is normally found in the geometry section of the manufacturer’s website.

Tips for Women’s Size

Women have generally longer legs and shorter bodies than men so female bikes have shorter top tubes than men to better fit their form.

You should watch this video for more information!

Important Note

Hybrid bikes and road bikes have different sizes so do not use the size reference of road bikes in getting the right hybrid bike size.

If you have bought a slightly smaller or bigger bike size, there are ways to fix the problem. Move the saddle to its rim to adjust the stem and the handlebar position. Otherwise, contact your store outlet for assistance.

Hybrid Bicycle Sizing Reference Table

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