Safety Guidelines Any Mountain Biker Should Know

Mountain biking is my favorite way to unwind on the weekend after a long busy week.

This hiatus lets me explore nature in exciting ways; all I need is my best mountain bike, proper gear, and a backpack filled with essentials and I am all set to go!

Regardless of how you prefer mountain biking, it can be a dangerous sport which is why you need to follow safety guidelines to have safe riding experience.

1. Wear The Appropriate Gear

Wear The Appropriate Gear

Safety comes first. Invest in a good helmet that fits your head perfectly and is comfortable at the same time.

When riding on trails, I would advise that you wear proper shoes or boots that will help you pedal the bike safely. I wear full fitted gloves to protect my hands from any blisters or scratches and for a good grip.

If it is your first time on a dirt trail, make sure you wear arm and shin guards to protect your arms from any nasty cuts and bruises.

2. Remain In Control

Remain In Control

It would be unwise if you cover areas of the trail that you aren’t comfortable with on your mountain bike because you are increasing your risks of injury. I don’t mind walking those hard to cover areas since it is important to be in complete control while biking.

I make sure I don’t reach speeds at which I lose control and quickly adjust my pace to any obstacles or changes in the trail.

3. Maintain Your Bike

Maintain Your Bike
Source: RACV

I have a habit of checking my mountain bike before I go out for the trip. It is important to see whether there is the proper air pressure in your tires and all the nuts and bolts are tight.

Brakes are also a very important part that should be tested; you wouldn’t want to be riding downhill or maneuvering on tight turns without them.

A good way to make sure your mountain bike lasts longer is that you maintain your bike properly from time to time and check the chain, bottom bracket, front gear and rear gear mechanics, pedals, and saddles to avoid any accidents.

4. Prepare Before You Hit The Road

Prepare Before You Hit The Road
Source: MapMyRun Blog

When you are on a trail, anything can happen. I am always prepared for such unforeseen circumstances and carry appropriate tools such as spare tubes, patch kit, pump, chain tool, and spoke wrench.

I also stuff my backpack with necessities such as water or sports drinks, healthy snacks, sunscreen, insect repellent, and rain gear.

A basic first aid kit should also be carried along to treat minor injuries if any.

5. Adhere To The Road Rules


The International Mountain Biking Association has laid down certain rules for mountain bikers.

These include obeying speed limits, not scaring animals, consider other bikers on the same trail, not trespassing, slowing down on blind corners, riding on open trails, and protecting the environment.

Make sure you know and follow the rules of the game before you hit the trails.

Make sure you follow all the safety guidelines when you get your very own best mountain bike from the mountain bike deals.

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